Guess What's In the Tide Pool

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Imagine a creature that can squeeze itself into a tiny crack to escape danger or disappear in a cloud of ink. How about an animal that eats with its feet or one that squirts out its guts when it is frightened?

This book takes a look at some of the strange and wonderful creatures you may encounter when you visit a Pacific Coast tide pool. "Guess What's in the Tide Pool" engages children with its game-like format and stunning color photographs. Young explorers will be encouraged to learn more about the breathtaking - yet fragile - tide pool ecosystem. (Grade level: 4-6; paperback, 70 pages; ISBN-10: 1481983156, ISBN-13: 978-1481983150)

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Natalie Gagnon, M.Ed., is an educator/naturalist based in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is a certified reading specialist for grades K-8.

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